Snake bite!

A scary snake in a dream

In the realm of dreams, I found myself in a nightmarish world shrouded in an inky blackness, as though the very cosmos had been swallowed by darkness. I stood on the precipice of a desolate, endless desert, its vast expanse offering no solace, only desolation.

As I ventured deeper into this surreal abyss, I noticed a sinister hissing sound, akin to a whisper of malevolence. It drew me inexorably closer, a haunting melody that seemed to emanate from the heart of the void itself. With every step I took, the hissing grew louder, more oppressive, like a sinister symphony building to an eerie crescendo.

Suddenly, the ground beneath me gave way, and I plummeted into a subterranean world, where the very walls oozed dread and shadows danced in unsettling patterns. In the dim light, I saw it: a colossal serpent, its scales as dark as the abyss, coiled upon itself like an ancient, forgotten curse.

The snake’s obsidian eyes locked onto mine, and an oppressive aura of malevolence radiated from its monstrous form. It slithered closer, each movement a sinuous dance of impending doom. My heart raced as I realized there was no escape, no way to evade the inexorable approach of this unholy creature.

With a lightning-quick strike, the serpent lunged at me, its venomous fangs dripping with lethal intent. I could feel the searing pain as its fangs sank deep into my flesh. I gasped for breath as the venom coursed through my veins, paralyzing me with a numbing, icy dread.

The very ground seemed to crumble beneath me, and I was swallowed by darkness, unable to scream or struggle. It was as if the dream itself had devoured me, and I teetered on the precipice of oblivion. Just as the abyss threatened to consume me entirely, I awoke, drenched in a cold sweat, my heart pounding like a drum, the chilling memory of that nightmarish encounter still haunting my waking hours.






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