About My Dream

What takes us back to the past are the memories.


What brings us forward is our dreams.


Jeremy Irons


Dream Interpretation specific for YOU!

Dear Dreamer,


Welcome to my website for individual Dream Interpretation. Thank you for stopping by - I am so glad that you are here, and I encourage you to tune in to this site, and to check the material out.


This is not a site, with a long interpretation list of different dream symbols.


No this is a site, for YOU and your dream specific.


Wouldn't it be nice to get a deeper knowing of your dream? Wouldn't it be nice to be helped by your dreams in order to improve your life? To have permanent shifts in life that can help you to be more happy and joyful, and to achieve personal success?


This is what dreams are about. They can help you integrate new energies that can support your life, make your life more fulfilling. And they can heal what is in the way for the good to show up. But only if you say yes to work with them. If not - you will continue to wonder or guess what the dream means, and there will be no actual permanent shift in your life. You will still experience the same challenges in your daily life.


I am dedicated to be of service for you Dreamers, and if you have any specific desires for new services, or questions about my work, or anything you think I can support you with - don't hesitate to contact me, using the contact box on the last page of this site.




YOUR dream is unique.....


Your dream is YOUR dream. No one else can dream the dream you dream, because dreams are personal, and bring forth pieces from your past. So your dream is unique to you, and have a special message for you. Therefore YOU are the best one to get access to the message in your dream. No one else but YOU will be able to 100% tell what your dream is about, and what the message is for you. What all the symbols in your dream REALLY means.


Dream Interpretation is to grow and develop in life. It is about evolution, and getting closer to who you really are. A correct Dream Interpretation will contribute for you to be "whole" as a human being, with all parts of you intergrated. You will notice this in your everyday life, as feeling more peaceful and in harmony with yourself.


So be curious about your dreams. Have a pen and paper beside your bed, and write down everything you can remember when you wake up. With as many details as possible. Then you can always come back to this paper later and do the session, when there is peace and enough time to "dive" inside, to your inner knowing.

Dreams can be odd...






and scary.



May I be of service?


My name is Margareta Larsen, and it would be an honor for me to help you through the process of understanding your dream(s).


I am a certified healer and internationally certified Life Transformed Coach, and it is through my experiences with the Focusing method that I can guide you through a process where you can gain understanding and knowing about your dream.


I love dreams. I love how truths from life shows up, in the most unrealistic ways in a dream. How I can wake up - totally confused - but when I go through this process, I can see clearly what all the pieces in the dream are about.


And now I would love to help other people around the globe, to gain the same consciousness about their life. Through their dreams.