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What takes us back to the past are the memories.


What brings us forward is our dreams.


Jeremy Irons


PRIVATE Dream Interpretation


* Improve your life massively! * Increase your Self Worth *Achieve your goals


* Easier to navigate in life * Be more happy & joyful * Be more confident

Dear Friend,


Welcome to my website for PRIVATE Dream Interpretation. This site is not a site with a long list of different dream symbols. No this is a site, where you have the possibility to get engaged with the PRIVATE message for YOU, coming from your dream specific. Dreams are unique to each person, because we all have different lives and backgrounds. Therefore, other people can not tell you what your dream is about. Only you will know, because your dream is about your life.


Dreams are the BIG KEY to life improvements, because they show you what you have to work with. Working with dreams make permanent shifts, which leads to a more happy and joyful life, with increases in personal success.


This is what dreams are about. They can help you integrate new energies that can support your life, make your life more fulfilling. And they can heal what is in its way for the good to show up. But only if you say yes to work with them. If not - you will continue to wonder or guess what the dream means, and there will be no actual permanent shift in your life. You will still experience the same challenges in your daily life.


I am dedicated to be of service for you Dreamers, to show you how to access this knowing within you. To guide you through the shifts, so your life can improve massively!


If you have any specific desires for new services, or questions about my work, or anything you think I can support you with - don't hesitate to contact me, using the contact box on the last page of this site.

Margareta Larsen

Margareta Larsen

The Author of the forthcoming books "Child - Shine your light" and

"The Voice From An Underdog"

May I be of service?


My name is Margareta Larsen, and it would be an honor for me to help you through the process of understanding your dream(s).


I am a certified healer and internationally certified Life Transformed Coach. I am looking forward to guide you through a process where you can gain understanding and knowing about your dream.


I love dreams. I love how truths from life shows up, in the most unrealistic ways in a dream. How I can wake up - totally confused - but when I go through this process, I can see clearly what all the pieces in the dream are about. The shift is permanent and makes me empowered and more happy & joyful.


And now I would love to help other people around the globe, to gain the same consciousness about their life. Through their dreams.




Working with Margareta is an incredible experience! She is continually working behind the scenes, bringing in more love with her powerful energies. Just being in her presence helped me unravel unwanted patterns I wasn't even aware we're there. Margareta is an amazing healer I have had the honor to work with!

Thank you Margareta

Katherine, USA

You have an amazing vibrational gift essential to humanity's ascension into consciousness, the way you communicate that into this dimension feels like a quiet meditation through gracefilled heart!

Melissa, USA

You were amazing. The energy you brought forth helped me in ways other energy has not been able to. You are so special gifted, such clear energy, powerful, so expansive. I felt fantastic to receive your gifts + I would love to receive them again :-) Thank you!

Brooke, USA